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National Share-a-Story Month – Travelling Tales

National Share a Story Month is an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, providing a fantastic opportunity bring children and stories together. We’ve put together a list of books that are perfect for sharing! A bare bear: a book of words that sound the same Written by Caz Hildebrand and illustrations by […]

Domestic violence

Domestic violence can be difficult subjects to talk about, books talking about the topic can help explain to young children what happened and encourage discussions. Stories may make difficult transitions easier to cope with and to understand. Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvey Feelings – Jane Evans and Izzy Bean Another book from America, this one showing how […]


Being bullied can be a confusing and scary experience. Sharing stories about similar situations can put a child’s mind at ease and help them find strategies and courage to deal with the bully.

Friends & Friendship

Forming friendships and having friends is an enormous part of everyone’s life. But what do you do when you move to a new place? How do you make friends if you are very shy? What if your best friend makes friends with someone else? At times like these, sharing a book about other children going through similar situations just might help.

Bedtime Problems

Bedtime can be a stressful experience for all involved. Sharing stories about bedtime can put a child’s mind at ease and make any worries or fears easier to cope with. After all, who doesn’t like a snuggle and a story before they go to sleep?


The world can be a scary place for small people. Reading stories about other children overcoming their fears and becoming confident can help to make the world a bit less frightening.


Being very small or very tall can be frustrating and embarassing for children – like the rest of us, they often want to be what they are not. Sharing stories about children with similar feelings can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.

Feelings and Emotions

Feelings can be very confusing, especially for young children. They may find it hard to recognise what their feelings mean and don’t know how they should behave when they feel that way. Sharing stories about feelings just might help.


Learning to understand the world when you are young is difficult for many children. When you, or a member of your family, don’t hear as well as everyone else, it can be even harder. Sharing stories about other children struggling with similar situations can be comforting and help children to develop coping skills.

Body Image

Sometimes children are uncomfortable with the way they look, or the way other people see them, and as a result lose confidence. Sharing stories about children with similar feelings can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.