New year, new hobby!

sarah, December 23 2016

What better time to start a new hobby than the new year? At Hampshire Libraries, we have a huge selection of courses and activities to help you choose something new, or brush up on something you haven’t been able to do for a while.

If you like art, why not try…

Fine painting and drawing

Drawing & painting for improvers

Painting and drawing using mixed media

3D polymer clay workshop

Watercolour painting for all

If you like music, why not try…

Singing – Find your voice

An introduction to the ukulele

Blues guitar workshop

Learn to read music

Introduction to rock and roll guitar

If you like languages, why not try…

Spanish for beginners

Everyday English for speakers of other languages

Italian improvers

French for beginners

If you like to keep healthy, why not try…


Qi Gong for beginners

Tai Chi for beginners 

Yoga mixed ability

Let’s sit down and move


5 thoughts on “New year, new hobby!

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    1. sarah Post author

      What a great hobby, thanks for sharing Deb! Not sure if we have any bells in our libraries but we definitely have books about them!

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