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Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with and more understandable. When a book might help is a list of story books suitable for this purpose.

Dry January 2019

Are you up for the challenge of a month without alcohol? Many people out there feel they drink too much, drink too often or would just like to take a break from drinking. This could be for health reasons or because you’re worried about your habits. Whatever the reason, January is the perfect excuse to […]

Summer activities for all the family

Need some new ideas on what to do with the family during the rest of the summer holidays? Or perhaps you would prefer to save a little bit of money? Rather than going on a day trip to the zoo, try a day out in the country or even in your back garden! The titles below offer these […]

August 21 2017

Book Reviews When a book might help


Many children have a favourite toy, blanket or comforter that they are strongly attached to. They may find it worrying if it has to be washed, gets damaged or are told it is time to give the comforter up. Sharing stories about other people in similar situations may make things a bit more manageable.


Leaving your home and moving to a new place can be difficult – especially if you have to learn a new language as well. These stories about refugees might help children new to this country to settle in. They may also help children meeting refugees for the first time to understand the difficulties new arrivals may face.

Bath Time Battles

Bath time is not a fun time for some children. Sharing stories about bathing can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.

Autistic Spectrum

Autism can be hard to understand for children, parents, family and friends. Sharing stories autism can put a child’s mind at ease, make the experiences easier to cope with and more understandable.

Pre-School Education

Joining a nursery, playgroup or other pre-school setting is often a young child’s first big ‘solo’ adventure. Most children will look forward to the experience, but some will find it worrying. Sharing a book about other children’s experiences at pre-school can help to make things less worrying and get them excited about making new friends and having new adventures.

Working Parents

When mummies and daddies go to work, young children often wonder what they are doing – are they in an office, do they drive a truck, are they helping people? Some children also worry about who will look after them when their parents are away and if their mum and dad will come back home again. These stories may help to calm their fears.

Life With a New Baby

The arrival of a new baby means all sorts of adjustments for everyone in the family, especially for big brothers and sisters. Sharing stories about new arrivals in other families can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.

“Where do Babies Come From?” and Other Questions About Birth

The prospect of a new baby can trigger all sorts of questions from young children. Sharing stories about birth can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.