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Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like…

Happiness may appear something emotive, the ‘feel good factor’. But does how we feel really matter?  When there are tasks to complete and things to be done, don’t we just need to get through it? There is time for happiness later, when it’s all out of the way.  How many people refer to retiring to […]

September 24 2014

Happiness Inspiration

It’s a numbers game

In the world of numerology it turns out I’m a number 9, which means my ultimate goal is working towards a better world. Apparently it also means that my finances are a mess and I have a tendency to think I’m the leader, even when I’m not, but let’s not go into all that today…

May 9 2014


The F Word

Welcome to the first edition of the Innovation and Enterprise blog, which will be a monthly update of information, ideas and case studies. Each month will be themed, and in the true spirit of innovation I am going to start with failure!

February 13 2014


failure learning